Get to Know Your Running Clubs - Toronto West Athletics

Get to Know Your Running Clubs - Toronto West Athletics

In this edition of Get To Know Your Running Clubs we spoke with Paula MacLeod, one of the volunteer executive members of Toronto West Athletics.  You'll most often find the Toronto West Athletics Club practicing in Toronto's west end, mostly Centennial Park and Centennial Stadium.

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Hi Paula! Tell us a bit about your club history, how long has the club been around?

We were started in January 2016 by a passionate group of mid to long distance runners/coaches.

Tell us a bit about your membership? What level of runners do you cater to?

Our members range from as young as 8 years old through to university aged athletes. We have begun to develop a master's program. Our athletes are at all levels of abilities but all are dedicated to achieving their individual potential.

Where/when does your club usually meet/run?

Training days are Tue/Thur/Sat. Some members meet for group runs on other days.

Any cost to be a member/join?

Yes, price depends on athletes age/level. Range is $200-$565.

Any cool routes/ favourite areas to run in your city that you would like to recommend to other runners? Why do you like those?

Trails along the Etobicoke Creek, can run all the way up to the airport.

Do you have any favourite local races? Outside of anything that you're affiliated with of course :)

Our groups participate in Minor Track Association and Athletics Ontario races. They frequently participate in road races such as the Race Roster Spring Run Off and the Santa Shuffle. For our older athletes our favourite event is 1500m night in London- a celebration of 1500m running.

Anything else that we should know?

We are a passionate group of coaches and parent volunteers who want to foster a life-long love of running and provide a training environment that allows each athlete to reach their personal best. With our young athletes the focus is on learning to train but as they approach high school and beyond our main focus is to reach for a high performance level at the provincial and national level.

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Want to connect with the Toronto West Athletics Club, or just learn a bit more about them? Check out their information below:

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Looking for runs around Toronto?

You can find a full list of runs and races happening around Toronto at

Published on May 02, 2017