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Get to Know Your Running Clubs - Active Sports Outlets Kanata Running Club

In this edition of Get to Know Your Running Clubs we chatted with Sue Armstrong from Active Sports Outlets Kanata Running Club. You'll mostly find the Kanata Running Club running Wednesday nights from Kanata Centrum and Saturday mornings from Hazeldean Mall.

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Hi, Sue! Can you give us your best one-liner bio?

Runner since 1999. Love to run with anyone, anywhere, any distance; a member of the Canadian 24 hour team for World's 24 hour in 2017. 

Tell us a bit about your club history, how long has the club been around?

Originally founded by Jane (Armstrong) Cook in 1994 at the Motionware store at Hazeldean Mall, we have shifted locations a few times over the years as stores have opened and closed but have continued to operate as a completely free group loosely organized by a core group of volunteers.

Tell us a bit about your members! What level of runners do you cater to?

We are a small group of social mid-pack runners, some training to compete for personal bests, some training to compete for fun, and some training for fitness and fun. All ages are welcome but current age range is about 35 to 65. We are always happy to meet new runners, whether they are looking for a club to call home, just in town for the week and wanting company on the run, or training for a specific distance and looking for support in getting there.

Where/when does your club usually meet/run?

Wednesday nights we meet at the Active Sports Outlet at Centrum Mall in Kanata (run starts at 6:30pm) and Saturday we meet at Hazeldean Mall in Kanata (mall entrance closest to Second Cup) at 8:30--some start earlier and circle back to pick up those running a shorter distance.

Are your group runs mostly casual or more structured workouts?

Mostly casual runs.

Any cost to be a member/join?

Completely free.

Any cool routes/ favourite areas to run in your city that you would like to recommend to other runners? Why do you like those?

The trails across from Hazeldean Mall which link with the TransCanada Trail as it passes through Kanata (beautiful woods to run through). The hills in Richardson Ridge (nice long hills just a nice 2 km warm up from the store for Wednesday nights).

Do you have any favourite local races?

Ottawa Race Weekend of course! Also the Army Run, which some of us run but others volunteer at the finish line each year.

Anything else that we should know?

Distance on Wednesday nights typically 10 km; usually casual but sometimes hills or track depending on who is training for what. Saturday mornings vary from 10 km to 32 km, with those who want a longer run (for example, training for a marathon) often starting early and circling back for those who are going shorter, so that we can all have coffee together afterwards (the reason we really run!)

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Published on May 15, 2017