2019 Spartan Race Atlanta

Spartan Race Atlanta

Spartan Race Atlanta
Date Oct 5, 2019 -
Oct 6, 2019
Distance OCR
Course Type Obstacle


Race Information

Offering the Sprint (3+ Mile) and Super Distance (8+ Mile) the event has something for everyone. The Sprint is perfect for athletes of all levels; from first timers to seasoned Spartan racers, while the Super tests your endurance over a long gruling course. Both races are packed full of more than 20 Signature Spartan Obstacles including mud, fire, walls, and barbed wire.

The Atlanta event will provide some fast moving single-track trails, but the surrounding forest, hills, and swamps create unexpected challenges for all racers. Prepare for a muddy and slick time as the early spring rains or thawing snow will create a dirty track, especially when your fellow Spartans get a hold of it.

Chose to race on Saturday or Sunday over the Spartan Sprint Atlanta weekend.

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