2018 3M Half Marathon | Austin

3M Half Marathon

3M Half Marathon
Date Jan 21, 2018
Distance Half-marathon
Course Type Road

Race Information

The 3M Half Marathon is one of Austin's signature running events. This wonderfully produced race boasts a point-to-point beautifully downhill course with enthusiastic crowd support. The race begins in North Austin and runs into Downtown Austin, right in front of the Texas State Capitol. Don't miss this superb half marathon - you'll want be a part of this exciting event. 

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Course Information

The course descends from a peak elevation of nearly 900 feet above sea level at the start to a low of just above 500 feet at the finish line. Fast and scenic, the course starts in the northern part of the city on Stonelake Boulevard. The first real drop comes just after the  one mile marker. After the fourth mile, the course begins a downhill stretch, before a few hills come up at miles 6 to 8. The last four miles feature a drop of roughly 200 feet in elevation.

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