2018 Night Race | Calgary

The Ultra Night Run

The Ultra Night Run
Date Aug 25, 2018
Distance 5k, 10k
Course Type Road

Race Information

Night Race is a 10k run or a 5k run/walk through city parks at night. Crazy? Maybe. Fun? You Bet!

Running in the dark in a city park, we admit, seems a little sketchy. BUT…deck out 2500 runners with headlights and you have a moving, living, breathing, light show!

The conditions are set for a PR (party run) not necessarily a PB (personal best). So come out and have fun doing what you love (running) under the spell of the night.

The Night Race™ will also allow you to bring light to others. Participants can donate when they register or create a pledge program. Funds raised will go to the Calgary Health Trust in support of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta.

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