2018 Goliath Challenge | Minneapolis

Goliath Challenge

Goliath Challenge
Date Jun 2, 2018
Distance 5k, OCR
Course Type Obstacle

Race Information

There are regular races and then there is the Goliath Challenge. In other races, runners take a lap or two before heading to the finish line. In the Goliath Challenge, runners will run, jump, lift and climb their way through a 5K obstacle course that will challenge even the most fit of athletes. You have to be physically fit and mentally strong to make your way through the Goliath Challenge.

While the obstacle course is a good time for all participants, it is also works to benefit and enhance the local and global community. The Goliath Challenge, and the runners who take part in it, have chosen to dedicate themselves to eliminating hunger on both a global and local scale. Thousands of dollars have been raised to combat hunger, and hundreds of lives have been touched. The Goliath Challenge is more than testing yourself, it is also about helping those in need.

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