2017 Oregon Summer Half Marathon | Heirloom Roses

Oregon Summer Half Marathon

Oregon Summer Half Marathon
Date July 22, 2017
Distance 10k, Half-marathon
Course Type Road

Race Information

The Oregon Summer Half Marathon is part of the Oregon Half Marathon series (a series of half marathon races in every season of the year). 

This event features both half marathon and 10k distances, and happens in the township of St. Paul outside of Portland.

Course Information

The summer half course starts at Heirloom Roses, and travels north for a short out-and-back at a 100-feet elevation. The course goes to the 5.2-mile mark where an incline of 75 feet quickly takes you to the 175-feet elevation.  

Follow the course at this elevation to the 11.25-mile mark, and descend fairly rapidly again to the 100-feet elevation mark and the finish!


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