2017 Pick Your Poison 12 & 24 Hour Relay Run

Pick Your Poison Relay

Pick Your Poison Relay
Date Jul 2017 (TBD)
Distance Ultra
Course Type Trail

Race Information

Please note, this event is on hiatus for 2017!

Great running ideas of the 21st century: "Hey, what if we got a bunch of people, divided them into teams, then had them run around a lake as many times as they can in a pre-determined time period?

True to its name the Pick Your Poison run is a 12 or 24 hour "as many laps and you can handle" event. Teams of up to 8 people run laps on a road or trail course around Hagg Lake until they run out of time, or they decide that watching late night movies and eating marshmellows is a better use of their time. If you're crazy enough, or just love punishment you can elect to try this thing out as a solo participant.

Pick Your Poison. No vans, no traffic, no fear. 

Course Information

The Lake of Death has both a road and a trail course option available to racers. You will have to choose which course you run in advance so do read them over and pick according to what you think you will like the most 10 hours into the race. Relay teams can also decide if they want to run partial or full laps, and station themselves throughout the course.

Expect to run into a few very short hills while you're running but nothing too major.

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