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Four Must Run Toronto Marathons

This bucket list distance is what many runners spend years preparing for, and is a point of intense pride to those who have completed the journey. Put yourself to the test this season with one of the many events that Toronto has to offer. These four Toronto area marthon races are stand out events that you absolutely must try! 

Goodlife Toronto Marathon

Toronto marathon

A city’s namesake event has got to be spectacular, right? This downhill course runs from Mel Lastman Square to Ontario Place. Of it’s 2500 participants, over half post personal best times, proving this course is a great Boston qualifier--as such, all participants are required to maintain a 12 minute mile pace. Because of the competitiveness of the race, no in-line skates, bicycles, strollers, or dogs are allowed on course, and there is no entry for walkers or minors. Participants are timed via bibtimers.

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Toronto waterfront marathon

This race, just as flat and fast as the Toronto Marathon, is more welcoming to casual runners and walkers who are more interested in checking the event off their bucket list than achieving a certain time--the 6 hour time limit allows for all types of participants. However, this is just as great a place to qualify for Boston, and achieve your personal best time! Run from University Avenue and Queen Street, all the way down to City Hall. You’ll be accompanied by bands, cheerleaders, and many aid stations.

Mississauga Marathon

Mississauga marathon

The Mississauga Marathon is a fast and flat journey through a number of greater Toronto neighbourhoods. Expect lots of diversity in the course, fantastic weather (average temperature on race is is over 12 degrees C, 54F), and an enthusiastic crowd to cheer you on. This is a beautiful route and definitely a race to target if you're PR hunting.


run4rkids marathon

Want to compete in the winter, but don’t want to face the elements? Run4RKids is an indoor event where participants race around an indoor track, changing directions every hour. This event is open to participants of all ages (though distance limits are put on younger children), and has a generous time limit of 6 hours. Unlike outdoor races, the venues for this race consistently provide lockers and showers, as well as conventional bathrooms. The event is chip timed, and includes an the option to run an ultra (for the full 6 hours) if participants desire to do so.

Already experienced these races, and looking for others? The RunGuides marathon calendar has a full list of Toronto Marathons. If you’re in the mood for something a little different (shorter perhaps?), take a look at our full Toronto running race calendar and find an event for you!

Published on Jan 30, 2014