2017 Iroquoia Trail Test Trail Race | Toronto

Iroquoia Trail Test Trail Race

Iroquoia Trail Test Trail Race
Date Aug 19, 2017
Distance 8k, Other
Course Type Trail

Race Information

A great opportunity to test your own ability as a trail runner. There are course options for all forms of running types, from beginner to advanced. Options include: 

  • 7 km– A good test for the novice trail runner –  largely flat but with some technical bits
  • 18 km – Great challenge for someone too shy for the longer course – hills, technical bits, every bit a test!
  • 34 km – Three loops, more hills, some technical, as usual, a test!
  • 34 km Relay – 3 x 11.3 km: 3 person teams, 1 loop each

Runners are encouraged to bring their compasses and their sense of adventure.

Proceeds from the registration go towards the on-going operations of Crawford Lake Conservation Area.

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Course Information

The courses run along many trails that are rugged and not well-marked. This is why runners are encouraged to pay close attention to their surroundings - there are markers, but you can easily miss one - and bring a compass, just in case. Marshals will be stationed at major turns. 

If you veer off course, you're encouraged to return to your last-known marker and resume running from there. If you're going along for awhile and don't see any markers, chances are you've gone way off-course and have, unfortunately, failed the test. 

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