2017 Red Bull Wings For Life World Run - Niagara

Wings For Life World Run - Niagara

Wings For Life World Run - Niagara
Date May 7, 2017
Distance Other, Fundraiser
Course Type Road

Race Information

The Wings For Life World Run is a unique concept in racing produced by Red Bull and help in partnership with the Wings For Life Foundation (a not for profit foundation dedicated to spinal cord research). 100% of the entry

The event is made up of multiple simultaneous road running races that happen all over the world and start at the exact same time. Runners are chased by a pace car (catch car), once the car passes a runner their race is finished. The last male and female runners left running in each location are the local champions, the last male and female runner left running on Earth get the esteemed title of global champ (and all the fortune and glory that come with it).

Woah... I have to outrun a car!? That sounds intense

Ya, it is. However, the car doesn't start chasing you down until 30 minutes after the race start, meaning that runners of all abilities can come out and see how far they can make it.

Red Bull wings for life world run


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