Get To Know Your Running Clubs: MEC North Vancouver

Get To Know Your Running Clubs: MEC North Vancouver

Ask anyone around Vancouver what they know about MEC, and they’ll often rattle off something about a wide selection of quality outdoors gear. What many people don’t know is that the cooperative regularly holds a number of popular running clinics and drop in runs out of each of their store locations.

In this edition of get to know your running clubs we got the chance to speak with Nicola Gildersleeve to learn a bit more about the North Vancouver MEC running clubs and their newly launched race series.

MEC North Vancouver running club

What sort of clinics and meet-ups does the North Vancouver MEC currently offer?

Our North Vancouver location offers a little bit of everything. We offer a mix of running clinics that help people prepare themselves for specific race distances (5k and 10k). We also have regular drop in runs that happen, these are casual fun runs that usually last for 30 minutes to an hour.

Tell us a bit about what level of runners you cater to.

We cater to people of all ages and levels. As long as our participants can run, walk or a combination of both they can come to our event. The majority of our events are stroller friendly, even the little ones can come!

Where/when do your clinics/meet-ups usually happen?

Both our clinics and meet-ups happen from the store. While our runs are outside, many of our other clinics and seminars take place in our community room. Our full schedule can be found at (just sort by North Vancouver events)

North Vancouver MEC runners

Any cost to join any of the clinics or group runs? 

The only running clinics that we currently charge for are our Learn to Run 5km/10km clinic. Both these clinics are $20. The group runs are free for anyone to drop in and join!

We’ve heard a lot about the MEC Race series that launched last year. Tell us more about what people should expect out of the North Vancouver area events. 

Even though these events only cost $15, they are a lot of fun. We always have good music, great local coffee, snacks, and free massages at the finish line. There are runners of all abilities (elites-beginners) and the atmosphere is very inclusive. More and more families seem to be participating with their kids as well which brings a smile to my face!

Where are your favourite spots to run in/around North Vancouver? 

I do love running in the trails of North Vancouver, and am excited to host a true trail race next season so stay tuned! I also love the headwaters and Inter River park areas because they’re surrounded by green space. I enjoy running in areas where there aren’t a lot of cars or traffic and really work to incorporate that into the North Vancouver race locations.

MEC North Vancouver runs

What are your top three favourite races in the lower mainland…. outside of the MEC series ;)

I love running ultras and trail runs, so I would have to say that some of my favourite races are the Knee knacker 50km, Around the Lake Giv’r take 30km (a hidden gem), and, becuase I love dressing up, the Hallow’s Eve Trail half marathon.

Anything else we should know? 

To keep an eye out for the MEC Race series! In 2014 MEC will be putting on 17 races between the Langley store, the Vancouver Store, and the North Vancouver store. One of the unique things about our events is that participants can come out and run any distance for the same price ($15), even our half, and full marathons will be that price.

Great stuff! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us

You're welcome!

Want to connect with the MEC North Vancouver, or just find out a bit more about them? Go to any of these links:

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Published on Sep 23, 2013