2018 Squamish 50 Trail Ultra Run

Squamish 50

Squamish 50
Date Aug 18, 2018 -
Aug 20, 2017
Distance Ultra, Other
Course Type Trail

Race Information

The Squamish 50 races are TOUGH, truly unforgettable trail running experiences that happen straight out of the recreation capital of Canada. This event takes place over Saturday and Sunday.

This trail race weekend features a number of events that happen over a two day period. Trail fanatics can find all sorts of "type 2" fun on the 23k course, 50k, or 50 mile run. Or, if you really want a custom trucker hat the organizers are giving them up to anyone who completes the Squamish 50/50 (race and complete the 50 miler and 50k on back to back days).


Race Reports

Read first hand reports and reviews from runners who have completed this race in the past!

2014 Squamish 50K Race Report
"I made a mental note to compliment Gary on having designed such an enjoyable course..."
2016 Squamish 50K Race Report
"I was equal parts excited and nervous as Gary gave a pre-race briefing. Then it was go time!"

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