2017 Austin Road Race Series Guide

Austin Road Race Series Guide

Run Fact! Austin, a city of just under 900,000, is world famous for it's live music scene, a stunning mix of blues, country and rock. The city also boasts an energetic, active running community, logging miles in the many parks and lakes within city limits and enjoying easy access to the nearby Texas Hill Country.

These plucky Austin area runners enjoy two well-organized road race series, profiled here.

Austin Distance Challenge

The Austin Distance Challenge is a series of prestigious local running events starting in the fall and leading up to the Austin Marathon & Half Marathon in February. The races increase in distance as the series progresses, making the series a natural component of many Austin runners’ training. The idea is to encourage runners to train and race towards the goal of completing a marathon or half marathon.

Austin Distance Challenge

Number of runs in the series: 5

What are the races?

Total Distance if you run all the events: 87.4 - 108.5 km (54.3 - 67.4 miles)

How many guilt-free donuts can you justify for running the whole series?

Guilt-free donuts!

Call it one donut per 10 miles raced, okay we are up to 7 donuts. Go ahead and make it 8, a bonus donut for finishing the series!

Do you get anything cool for completing all the races?

So glad you asked! You get a literal downpour of race swag for running the series, as follows:

  • An Austin Distance Challenge running jacket.
  • Special premiums like an Austin Distance Challenge wristband and our signature magnet pieces from each race that connect together to make one awesome unit once you collect them all.
  • First time participants in Austin Distance Challenge who have not been members previously receive a free Austin Runners Club membership.
  • Exclusive use of the famous Austin Distance Challenge Hospitality Tent found in the finish area of each race. Join us for delicious food, beverages, camaraderie, and fun!
  • Invitation to the End-of-Season Party and awards ceremony, where additional booty will be dispensed!

Texas Wine Series

Savor the experience of this spectacular Half Marathon/10k/5k series and sip on Texas Wines at the delicious Food & Wine event after the race! Your half marathon will take you through five breathtakingly beautiful vineyards and scenery in pockets of Texas preserved for their beauty and charm. Note that while three of these events are a short jaunt from Austin, two of them require some some travel.

Texas Wine Series

How many runs are in the series? 5

What are the races?

Total distance if you run all the events: 25 - 94.4 km (15.5 - 58.7 miles)

How many guilt free donuts can you consume if you finish the series?

Guilt-free donuts

Let's call it an even half dozen, and throw in an extra two donuts if you do the half marathon distance at each event. Ahh, wine & donuts... the perfect runner's combination!

Do you get anything cool for completing the entire race series?

Yes indeed! Runners who have completed all 5 runs get to wear the Texas Wine Series tech shirt!


Did we miss an important series? Let us know through the comments below! Or, if you’re looking for more races, check out our full calendar of Austin Runs.

Published on Oct 20, 2016

RunGuides writer Steve Lafler, much like the runners of Austin, enjoys tasty live music as much as any 20-kilometer training run.