2017 Dallas Road Race Series Guide

Dallas Road Race Series Guide

Run Fact! Dallas runners have a lot of road race series to pick from, and it's a Texas sized problem! Some of these races overlap, you can't run them all. Do you fancy a series of runs over the 5k distance, or are you more the long distance specialist, looking to rack up some half and full marathon events over 2017? As you consider which Dallas road race series to enter for 2017, don't forget there is some major race swag at stake, complicating your decision further!

In any case, here's the RunGuides 2017 Dallas Road Race Series picks.

RunDallas Race Series

The RunDallas Race Series is designed to engage the local community in the sport of distance running, promoting health and fitness. To complete the RunDallas Race Series, you must finish a series of four races throughout the calendar year, culminating in the running of the Dallas Marathon, Half Marathon or Behringer Relay, running as part of a relay team of 5.

RunDallas Race Series

Number of runs in the series: 4

What are the races?

Total distance if you run all the events: 23 - 57 km (14.3 - 35.4 miles)

How many delicious donuts can I eat with impunity if I complete the entire series?

Guilt-free donuts!

You have earned a half dozen donuts! Figure one for each 5k, and another three for the half or full marathon. Well done! But don't eat them before heading out for a run.

Do you get anything cool for completing the entire series?

Upon completion of all four races, you get a special RunDallas Race Series medal, awarded at the Dallas Marathon finish line in December.


Running the Distance Marathon and Half Marathon Series

This series of small, grass roots Texas Marathons and Half Marathons are born from a love of running for fun, over USATF certified courses. The amazing thing, participants are invited to run the half or full marathon on consecutive days! First timers are also encouraged to join in and try a run over these long distances, with a special premium to motivate them.

Running the Distance Race Series

Number of runs in the series: 3

What are the races?

Total distance if you run all the events: 63.3 - 379.8 km (39.3 miles - 236 miles)

How many quilt-free donuts can you eat if you run all the races?

Guilt-free donuts

Whoa, that depends! You may be running as little as 3 half marathons over the series, or as much as nine full marathons (some on consecutive days!). Thus, we recommend anywhere from a half dozen, on up to 126 donuts, depending on how much ground you cover over the course of the series.

Do you get anything cool for running the entire series?

You receive a medal for each race, and a tech shirt for finishing the entire series. Give yourself a huge pat on the back too, you deserve it! First time half and full marathoners also get a special award.


Trinity 5000 Summer Series

It's summer in Dallas and it's hot! Maybe you need some motivation to stay fit, and that's where the Trinity 5000 Summer Series comes in. The 12-race series is conducted on the Trinity Trails fast, flat 5k course. Runners can amass points by their age-division showings, and challenge for series-ending awards. The final race serves as a tie-breaker if necessary. There's a kid's 1k fun run too!

Trinity 5000 Summer Series

Number of runs in the series: 12

What are the races?

Total distance if you run all the events: 60 km (37.3 miles)

How many guilt free donuts do I earn for running all the races?

Guilt-free donuts

We generously recommend half a dozen donuts. Throw in an extra donut for every personal best you record during the series!

Do you get anything wonderful for running the entire series?

Anyone running twelve 5k races over one summer will get REALLY FAST over 5k! Oh, and a lot of friends who are also really fast over 5k.


Run Project

This race series is all about bringing people together who love to race, and who love to give back to the local community. Dallas runners can stay busy with a hefty schedule of well-organized runs from 5k on up to the Half Marathon distance, staying super fit and building an awesome collection of race swag as they roll.

Run Project

Number of runs in the series: 14

What are the races?

Total distance if you run all the races: 73 - 195.9 km (45.4 - 121.7 miles)

How many guilt-free donuts can you have for slogging all the races? You must be starving!

Guilt-free donuts

Calm down and head to the donut shop. Sit down, order a coffee, and dig in. Continue until full. Take the next morning off from running, but go long in the afternoon.

Do you get anything sweet for completing the entire series?

While there is no series premium, the race organizer proudly attests that superior swag is on offer with each race with shirt, hats, medals and more that are truly a notch above.


Did we miss an important series? Let us know through the comments below! Or, if you’re looking for more races, check out our full calendar of Dallas runs.

Runners will receive a medals for each race and one tech shirt per series, if registered 30 days in advance!!!  
Published on Oct 21, 2016

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