2017 Dallas Trail Race Series Guide

Dallas Trail Race Series Guide

Run Fact: It's trail running time in Dallas! From the flat and fast Lake Lavon Trinity Trail to the wild acreage of the Cedar Ridge Preserve (which is off limits to bicyclists!), local runners have ample opportunity to hit the trails for serene yet exciting off-road running. Backing up access to these great training environments, there's no shortage of excellent trail races in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area with which to test your mettle.

Here's the RunGuides picks for the best trail race series in and around Dallas for 2017. 

Trail Racing over Texas TROT Cup

The TROT Cup series returns for 2017, again giving trail runners throughout the state of Texas a chance to compete in or near their own community, with several events happening in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area. Embracing the series requires some logistical planning (and perhaps some hotel reservations), but the rewards are big - taking part in an exciting series of runs with the lively Texas trail running community.

Trail Racing over Texas TROT Cup

Number of runs in the series: 11

What are the races?

Total distance if you run all the events: 121.1 - 768.5 km (75.2 - 477.5 miles) plus 6 - 24 hours timed run!

Wow! How many guilt-free donuts can you justify from logging all those trail race miles?


It depends - running the shorter distance choice each race day is certainly worth 6 - 8 donuts, but if you log the maximum distance for each race day, you may settle in at the bakery after that last race and eat until you actually become a donut.

Do you get anything cool for completing the entire series?

The TROT cup is the highest paying trail race series in Texas for you speedsters out there. For everyone else, there is generous series swag to go around including jackets, bags and awards.


Did we miss an important series? Let us know through the comments below! Or, if you’re looking for more races, check out our full calendar of Dallas runs.


Published on Oct 23, 2016

Steve Lafler is a RunGuides staff writer who thinks trail racing is more fun than just about anything.