2017 Houston Road Race Series Guide

Houston Road Race Series Guide

Run Fact! Whether you prefer a good old 5k/10k race with your homies, or a world-class marathon rubbing elbows with elite runners, there is a road race series in Houston with your name on it! In fact, you may have a rough time picking between all the outstanding race series held each year in the Houston. There's even a race series for people inclined to run over bridges, so there you go.

Here's the RunGuides picks for the best road race series in around Houston for 2017.


HARRA Race Series

This is actually two distinct race series put on by the Houston Area Road Runners Association (HARRA), the Spring Series and the Fall Series. The three longer races in the fall series are intended to prepare runners to participate in the Houston Marathon each January. All race courses are USATF certified.

HARRA race series

Number of runs in the series: 12

What are the races?

Spring Series

Fall Series

Total distance if you run all the events: 179.9 km (111.8 miles)

How many guilt free donuts can you eat if you run every race in the series?

Guilt-free donuts

Whew, there are some long runs in that fall series - go ahead and knock down a dozen donuts! Add a bonus donut if you ran a personal best in there.

Do you get anything cool for running the entire series?

There are race series team awards, as well as Runner of the Season awards for the speediest, but all runners get individual race medals, shirts, and attendant swag.


Run Houston! Race Series

This series of races showcases unique venues throughout the Houston metro area. Each race features a family-friendly atmosphere and offers something for all ages and skill levels including 5k, 10k and kids 1k runs. Come all ye first-timers, hot-shots and everyone inbetween and join the fun!

Run Houston! Race Series

Number of runs in the series: 5

What are the races?

Total distance if you run all the events: 25 km - 50 km (15.5 - 31 miles)

How many guilt-free donuts can I eat if I run every race?

Have a delicious donut!

Just about four donuts should get the job done. Have a bonus giant cruller if you ran a personal record in there!

Can I expect any cool swag if I run the entire series?

Oh yeah! You score a Run Houston! finishers plaque that holds the individual medals from all five races in the series!


Bayou City Half Marathon Series

Finishing a Half Marathon is a major challenge, but runners can train for an entire season for the distance and race it multiple times without the stress and burnout that comes with tackling the full marathon. These well-organized events include a 5k race and Kid's 1k run to encourage families and runners of all levels to come out, be healthy and have a great time!

Bayou City Half Marathon Series

Number of run in the series: 3

What are the races?

Total distance if you run all the events: 63.3 km (39.3 miles)

How many delicious guilt-free donuts may I eat upon completion of all the races?

Have a donut!

Certainly this mertis consumption of half a dozen donuts, and we are talking chocolate, cream-filled donuts with all the bells & whistles. None of these wimpy plain donuts for the heroes of the Bayou City Half Marathon Series!

Do I get an super-cool swag for completing the entire series?

Yes, a customized bib and medal display for the three events.


The Texas Bridge Series

Wow, here's a series of three races in the Gulf Coast area over iconic bridges. Challenge yourself to scale the long hills involved in bridge running and reap the reward of jammin' at top speed on the down slope! Don't forget to throw a bit of hill work into your training schedule in preparation for this series.

The Texas Bridge Series

Number of runs in the series: 3

What are the races?

Total distance if you run all the events: 41.1 km (25.5 miles)

I ran up all those steep bridges! How many guilt-free donuts does that earn me?

Guilt-free donuts

You can chomp down four delicious donuts for your efforts. Well done!

Do I get anything cool & unusual for running the entire series?

Yes, you get the Texas Bridge Series medal, in addition to the usual race swag at each individual event.


Did we miss an important series? Let us know through the comments below! Or, if you’re looking for more races, check out our full calendar of Houston Runs.








Published on Oct 24, 2016

Steve Lafler is a RunGuides staff writer who loves a flat, fast USATF certified course.