Get To Know Your Running Clubs - Forever Young Club

Get to Know Your Running Clubs - Forever Young Club

In this edition of Get to Know Your Running Clubs we chatted with John Young about the Forever Young Club, a Richmond based group of runners and walkers.

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Tell us a bit about your club history

My wife and I are a retired Richmond teachers. We organized the Forever Young Club about 8 years ago and through word of mouth our friendly group has grown to about 120 active seniors! We coordinate, plan the routes, and organize the group.

Nice! Tell us a bit about your members

We have all levels of participants, or “Youngsters” as we sometimes call them - from slow to fast walkers and from slow to fast runners (fast for seniors!) Due to our large turn out we usually have enough members to form groups for everyone.

Where/when do you usually meet?

The Forever Young gang meets every Monday and Wednesday at 8:30 at various locations around Richmond. We usually start with a bit of a warm up then head out for our run. Most of our runs are 10 Km long or about one hour, but we’re able to reduce every route to fit our members needs. Slower runners or walkers usually end up going around 5-8km.

Any cost to be a member/join?

There’s no charge to come out and run or walk with us. All new members have to do is show up and fill out a simple participant's agreement form the first time that they join us! One thing to note is that we do currently have a waitlist for new members.

Are you affiliated with any events?

For the past two years we have organized the Forever Young 8K at Garry Point in Steveston. This event is exclusively for seniors 55 and over and is the only one of its kind in Canada. Few fun facts about our race:

  • This year (2016) Lenore Montgomery broke a World Record for the 85 - 89 age category

  • Instead of another medal we give a bottle of BC wine to age group winners

  • The music at the Start/Finish and on the course is all from the 50's and 60's

  • We take a downloadable finish line photo of all of our participants free of charge

You can have a look at for lots of photos and all of the info about the event.  

Where are your favourite spots to run in/around the city?

There are so many great routes around the Steveston area! The North, West and South Dykes in Richmond are very picturesque, interesting, and easy to find! From Cambie Street to Garry Point is about 10k. You can continue through Steveston Village to the South Dyke and on to No 5 Rd for another 8k.  

One of our favourite 10k routes starts at City Hall and circles through three different parks and three schools in central Richmond, another favourite route takes us through quiet Richmond neighbourhoods following the Crabapple Ridge.

Do you have any favourite races? Outside of anything that you’re affiliated with :)

Many of our group enjoyed the Longest Day run at UBC this year. Our walkers enjoy the short 5K distance and the great munchies afterwards.

Anything else that we should know?

Just that our main goals are fun and fitness, with the fun part coming first! It has been wonderful to see the number of people who have been joining us and we look forward to continuing to stay active!


Looking for runs in and around the Vancouver area?

Have a look at for a list of upcoming Vancouver runs and races.

Published on Oct 27, 2016