Get To Know Your Running Clubs - Lions Run Crew

Get To Know Your Running Clubs - Lions Run Crew

In this edition of Get to Know Your Running Clubs we chatted with Laura Jones about the North Shore Lions Athletic Club runners, better known as the Lions Run Crew. You'll often find them running around various North Vancouver locations.

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Hi Laura! Who are you? Give us your best one line bio

I'm coach Jonesy, the motivational monster who leaves her voice ringing in her runners' ears :)

Tell us a bit about the group's history

Our club started in 2015 but many of the members have been running as group for years, some with me since 2000, when I first began coaching half and full marathons out of North Shore Athletics. With the change of ownership there was a shift in management that didn't support our vision so we created the LIONS as a non profit organization and kept the core group of community runners together.

Nice! what sort of runners typically run with the group? 

Runners of all abilities come out with us! We have members who power walk/are just learning to run their first 5 or 10km, to those who are to running their first half or full (with some running their 50th marathon). There are even a few who take on the challenges of Ironman and Ultras.

Our greatest numbers (usually close to a hundred members) are in the half and full marathon clinic that runs November to May in which we train folks for Spring races, namely Vancouver, Boston, and Eugene. Our half/marathoners range from 1:29-2:45 (half) and 3:30 to 5:30 (full) in time and from 17-67 in years with a 60-40 female-male ratio. Our Tuesday Night clinic offers a variety of levels, from walkers to speedsters racing 10km.

We also have 2 LION mascots, Miles and his uncle, Kilo, who show up to Aid Stations and local races. As Miles can fit in carry on luggage, he has had the pleasure of many a destination, Austin, Washington DC, Vegas, and New Zealand.

Where/when do you usually meet and run?

We meet Tuesdays and Thursday 6:30pm at Sutherland track, 19th Street and Sutherland Ave, and Sundays 8am at various locations, mostly Delany's Coffee Houses on the North Shore. In the summer we meet near Lynn Canyon on Thursdays for the coolness of the trails.

When we are in need of a flatter route, or a change of scenery we do venture over the bridges to run Kits, Stanley Park and False Creek seawall

The best way to know what is happening is to check out our Facebook page at where we post the week's training schedule. 

Any cost to be a member/join?

We have various costs dependent on the clinic you join, ranging from $60 for 12-12 week Tuesday Night Run Clinic, $150 for 18-24 week half/full marathon clinic 3 training sessions a week, and $275 for yearly membership to run 3 days a week for 52 weeks. We also offer drop ins at $5 a session for ANY of our workouts

Is the group affiliated with any events?

None at the moment, we do encourage our members to try races in places they have never been and share their race reports for others to run vicariously :)

Where are your favourite spots to run in/around Vancouver?

One of our favourites is starting at Delany's Dundarave and running the West Van Seawall East, such amazing sights of Kits across the water, Stanley Park and depending on the time you start/ time of year, stellar sun rises over Lions Gate Bridge. The run can range from a simple 5km to 40km that takes you up over the bridge and onto endless miles of seawall as you meander around Stanley Park into False Creek and over to the string of beaches from Kits to Spanish Banks.

We also enjoying running out Lynn Valley Village Delany's in the heat of the summer as we can easily access the coolness of Lynn Canyon and into Lynn Headwaters and/or run the Seymour Demonstration Forest road.

Another fave is running out of Black Kettle Brewing and meandering our way along the TransCanada trail East or West

Do you personally have any favourite local races? 

Despite the wet conditions of the last 3 years we have a huge group run the Eastside 10k supporting Race Director Tom Skinner, a previous run leader with our group. We usually have a strong contingent head to the Okanagon for the Half Corked Half Marathon.

Also, as we are a club who really enjoys drinking beer as well as running, the Bridge Brewing 10km Growler Run is a must!

Anything else that we should know?

We regard ourselves as a very welcoming, super supportive group that we refer to as our RUN FAMILY. Running is viewed not only as a way to stay fit and healthy but as a way to be part of community, sharing laughs and tears, worries and fears, coffee and beers. We are big on the latter, regularly running out of coffee houses (Delany's) and craft breweries (Black Kettle, Bridge Brewing), supporting our local businesses, including ForeRunners who gives our members a discount and special shopping nights.

We also focus on the FUN FACTOR with social activities interspersed throughout the year including a Jingle Bell run in December, PJ and Pancake run in February, Tacky Tourist run, with infamous Aid Stations for long runs and local races that are the envy of every other group that runs by (think birthday party food and flat Coke), with post race soirees, and with a yearly Jogger Lager that encompasses at least 7 local establishments, over 15km of running and flowing beers!

Want to learn more?

Want to connect with the Lions Run Crew, or just learn a bit more about them? Check out their information below:

Facebook | Lions Run Crew Website


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Published on Apr 08, 2017