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Get To Know Your Running Clubs: Toronto Running Club

In this edition of Get to Know Your Running Clubs we chatted with Michael Brennan about the Toronto Running Club. Michael is the founder of Toronto Running Club in 1995 and current member of the club executive that leads the club (he is currently a veteran of 60 marathons at the time of this article!)

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about them, read on!

Toronto Running Club

Tell us a bit about your club history and membership

The club started as a group of marathon runners in 1995 who wanted to run & train together and that focus brought many into the club for a few years. But since then, fewer people are as focused on running marathons as they are on shorter distances so membership has shifted

What hasn't changed is people's desire for social interaction and fun. Some in the club enjoy the pub after each week's run. Most members attend the socials... membership night, a BBQ, Christmas party, the odd outing to a movie, hockey game or games night, track nights, and even the odd post-run lemonade stand.

Where/when do you usually meet?

We meet at the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre (200 Eglinton Ave. West, Toronto, 3 blocks west of Yonge/Eglinton subway)


  • Wednesdays, 6:30pm, 2nd floor
  • Saturdays, 8:45am, 2nd floor

You can also find the most up to date information on the club website -

Any cost to be a member/join?

Membership has its privileges...

Your membership lasts 12 months, April to April (or less if you join in between).  You will receive:

  • Organized and subsidized socials
  • A giveaway (different each year)
  • Twice-weekly group runs on measured routes that offer 7k, 10k & 13k distances

All for $50 (annual dues)

Toronto Running Club picture

Are you affiliated with any events?

With runners and/or volunteers, TRC supports the Excel Running Series and Canada Running Series & the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Where are your favourite spots to run in/around the city?

TRC has 4 rotating summer routes, each of which pass through parks and green space for about half the run. It tends to be shadier, a bit cooler and more scenic in the parks. We also have 4 rotating winter routes, each of which takes runners down quiet residential streets where there's less traffic and street lights.

Do you have any favourite races? Outside of anything that you’re affiliated with of course :)

Club members have long enjoyed:

Anything else that we should know?

Visitors to Toronto are welcome to run with the club any time whether on holiday or a work stint. Joining is not required for those here for a few months but members do get cool stuff when they join. Plus the use of the community centre change room, lockers and showers is free when you come join us for our runs!

If you want to connect with us get in touch through any of the following channels!

Toronto Running Club Website | Facebook |


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Published on Jul 14, 2015