2020 The Bubble Palooza | Atlanta

The Bubble Palooza

The Bubble Palooza
Date Apr 2020 (TBD)
Distance OCR
Course Type Obstacle

Race Information

The Bubble Palooza is the combination of a Spanish Tomato Toss, Big Bird's Bath Tub and a box of Lucky Charms! The Palooza is a 5K course where an intense cornucopia of colorful bubbles will rain down on you and your friends. Put some rubber bands on your shirt and you will create your own tie-dye t-shirt as you run. Whether you walk, run, cartwheel or bunny hop through the epic walls of bubbles, you will end up looking like you got in a fight with a rainbow…and lost! Bubble Palooza 5K is for everyone Walk run or stroll in the amazing family fun 5K. At the end of your journey, you will be given a packet of colored cornstarch to toss in the air that will transform you into a work of art at the music rock'in Bubblebash. Prepare to get lost in a cloud of color and an enormous sea of colorful bubbles!


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