2019 Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon
Date Apr 15, 2019
Distance Marathon
Course Type Road

Race Information

The Boston Marathon is the world's oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the world's most prestigious road racing events. The Boston Marathon has distinguished itself as the pinnacle event within the sport of road racing by virtue of its traditions, longevity and method of gaining entry into the race (via qualification).

If you are lucky enough to have a unicorn medal, we salute you!

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Race Reports

Read first hand reports and reviews from runners who have completed this race in the past!

2017 Boston Marathon Race Report
"It woulda been nice to know..."
2016 Boston Marathon Race Report
"There are moments in your life you want to freeze frame..."
2017 Boston Marathon Race Report
"This is a race report I have been waiting a long time to write."
2017 Boston Marathon Race Report
"The Boston Park Plaza actually have staff lined up clapping for the runners as they enter the lobby."
2017 Boston Marathon Recap
"Missing a running goal is like a breakup: in the immediate aftermath, you want to do everything you can to repair the issue..."
2018 Boston Marathon Race Recap
"We decided that we were going to celebrate each and every mile, so whenever we passed a mile marker (and even some of the kilometer markers) we let out a hoot and a holler!"
The Wet and Wild 2018 Boston Marathon
"We don’t train so it all goes easily; we train to be laughing at the top of our lungs when the shit hits the fan at Mach 2."
"This section continued to be very rolling, with lots of short up- and downhills. None of them are very steep or very long, but if you're not used to constantly rolling terrain, I would definitely make sure you train for it."

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