2019 Sinister 7 Ultra

Sinister 7

Sinister 7
Date Jul 5, 2019 -
Jul 7, 2019
Distance Ultra, Relay
Course Type Trail

Race Information

The Sinister 7 is a challenging Ultra / Relay race that takes you to some of remotest - and most beautiful - parts of Alberta's wilderness. Expect to see soaring vistas and wildlife (bears and cougars definitely inhabit the course area) that few people get to see due to the remoteness of the location. The organizers of the event can't stress enough how difficult the course is.

"We created this race to be a wicked hard challenge where you compete mostly against the trail and your own demons."

You'll conquer dead-fall, bogs, creeks, wet roots, rocks, steep single tracks, darkness, heat and hypothermic cold, biblical rain, and scorching sun. Each year this race sends some runners to the hospital. But if you can beat the Sinister 7, you can truly call yourself an Ultra runner.


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