2019 Trash Dash | Dallas

Trash Dash

Trash Dash
Date May 2019 (TBD)
Distance 5k
Course Type Trail

Race Information

This exciting woods-trails race takes place along 3+ miles of beautiful woods trails in a hidden forest that probably less than 1,000 people in Dallas even know is there. In this race you will come across 10+ manned checkpoints where you do a simple easy exercise before proceeding. If on the other hand, you are really pushing for speed, you can buy your way out of the exercise by dropping a piece of litter off as your run by. The Environmental League chapter students of Conrad and Hillcrest High Schools have picked up over 7,500 gallons of litter out of these beautiful woods and these kids are committed to returning these woods to a more pristine state. Help them by coming out to support the cleanup of this area.

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