2018 Color Me Rad 5k | Quebec

Color Me Rad Quebec

Color Me Rad Quebec
Date May 19, 2018
Distance Fun Run
Course Type Road

Race Information

Color Me Rad is loosely based on the Hindu Festival of Colors, otherwise known as Holi. The festive colors used are a sign of winter’s end and spring’s new beginnings. Or in the case of RAD; the color represents the end of lame runs and the beginning of fun runs.

Color me rad winnipeg

Sound fun? It is. Color Me Rad Montreal is a 5K fun run filled with colour, music, and a whole lot more. If this sort of event is new to you here's how it works:

  1. Sign up, then show up wearing a whole lotta white clothing
  2. Run! Pelt each other with little bags of colour (don't worry, it's harmelss!)
  3. Give out as many colour filled high fives as you possibly can!


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