2019 Prison Break Race - Montreal

Prison Break Race - Montreal

Prison Break Race - Montreal
Date Aug 2019 (TBD)
Distance OCR
Course Type Obstacle


Race Information

The Montreal area Prison Break Race is an opportunity for runners and OCR enthusiasts to challenge themselves on a 5k or 7.5km obstacle course with a twist. Here's how it works:

Step 1 - Get geared up

Prisoners (aka runners, aka you) start their race equipped with a belt and three flags (think flag football style)

Step 2 - Run!

Make your way through either a 5k(ish) or 7.5k(ish) course filled with a number of different obstacles meant to test your strength, dexterity, and willingness to put yourself in compsomosing postitions.

Step 3 - Evade!

Every now and then you will find yourself between obstacles in a guard zone where good looking prison guards will chase you down and try to steal your flags. Don't let them do that! If you lose your flags it's off to the mud hole for you.

Step 4 - Victory

If you finish the race with at least one flag remaining when you cross the finish line a good looking woman or handsome man will present you with high fives, beer, and a victory shirt. Rejoice and celebrate your freedom.

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