2019 Double Dipsea | San Francisco

Double Dipsea

Double Dipsea
Date Jun 15, 2019
Distance Other
Course Type Trail

Race Information

Yes, this is a wild trail run from Stinson Beach to Mill Valley and back. There's a little hill called Mt. Tam in the way. The course is 13.7 miles with a total elevation gain/loss of about 4500 feet. This is not a run for the faint of heart! 

First held in 1970, the Walt Stack DSE Double Dipsea is a not just another tough trail run. It's a sadistically designed race, intended to test your patience and your perseverance and reward those most able to overcome adversity and leave defeated those unable to adapt. Walt Stack, founder of Dolphin South End Runners Club (DSE) considered it his favorite race and it eventually took his name to honor and remember him.

Local race organizers DSE and Brazen Racing team up to produce this Bay Area classic. Throw some extra distance and a few mountains into your training regimen and join the fun!

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2014 Double Dipsea
"Another moment I actually thought about just sitting down was near the hill called Insult."

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