2018 Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon

Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon

Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon
Date Sep 15, 2018
Distance Marathon
Course Type Trail

Race Information

The Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon is not for the faint of heart, but for the person who is willing and ready to test their climbing legs. The race is billed at over 9,000 ft. of elevation gain and will be covering some of the trails you might normally find when your flying down the mountain on top your skis. This race is the part of the sky running series which is having it's inaugural year here in the United States. Popularized in Europe the sky running federation holds some of the toughest and most competitive trail races on almost every continent in the world.

Crystal Mountain Sky marathon

Being held under the Skyrunning federation means this race will be well organized and see some stiff competition from competitors across the U.S. Don't fret if your not a podium finisher because you'll receive the same benefits with a well marked course, heavily supplied aid stations and unmatched views of Mt. Rainier.  

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