The #1 App for Avoiding Runners

Stravoid turns every iPhone and Android into a sophisticated tool to avoid runners!

Avoid contact, avoid awkwardness with Stravoid!

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Social Distancing Analytics

Keep the distance, keep the run

Want to run while keeping your distance?

Stravoid’s brand new social distancing analytics automatically sets a 2 meter no fly zone around you, then provides a full post run breakdown of how much time other runners spent in your space.

For a more accurate results enable in-run notifications and pair Stravoid with your wearable device. If you spend more than 20 seconds within 2 meters of another runner, your watch will emit a low grade electric shock until you distance yourself properly!

Advance Run Crew Detection

Enjoy a beer in peace by avoiding annoying run crews that take over your local brewery!

Nothing’s worse than heading out for a brew only to be surrounded by 87 smelly runners talking about the number of gels they ate last weekend.

Stravoid’s advanced brewery threat notification system indicates which breweries run crews will be at so that you can steer clear and enjoy your beer!

Custom Human Avoidance

Avoid contact, avoid awkwardness!

Sick of listening to Karen talk about how she doesn’t feed her kids cookies while out on group runs together?

Or maybe you just want a bit of extra space from the run crew friend that you drunkenly ended up kissing last weekend!

Stravoid’s “ethical” data mining technology allows you to monitor the activity status of select individuals, then alerts you if they’re attending specific events, allowing you to strategically avoid any uncomfortable situations!

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