2019 Gnarly Berms at Albion Hills | Toronto

Gnarly Berms at Albion Hills

Gnarly Berms at Albion Hills
Date Apr 2019 (TBD)
Distance 5k, 10k, 15k
Course Type Trail

Race Information

The Gnarly Berms at Albion Hills has 3 distances for runners to choose from. The 5k has gentle trails for those learning about trail running; some elevation changes but little in the way of rocks or roots to contend with; more open tracks.

An out and back route 10k - a move up from the 5k in distance and technical course; more elevation changes, rocks, roots and single track; great scenery but you may miss some of it as you concentrate on the running.

And the 15k - More of everything - elevation changes, turns and twists, forested track, rocks and roots; experience all that Albion Hills has to offer! Look out for the Gnarly Berm descendants near the half way point.

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