Lakou Backyard Ultra

Lakou Backyard Ultra
Date May 2023 (TBD)
Distance Other, 6.7k
Course Type Trail

Race Information

The word "Lakou" comes from the language of Haitian Creole and is used to refer to a yard usually shared by many households.   Lakou Backyard Ultra will be hosted in the backyard of Rivers Edge Running Series' director, Bryan Wallace.

The goal of this event is to run further than anyone else.  All runners begin at the same time and must run 6706 meters, aka one "yard" in one hour.  If your time to complete a "yard" is over the allotted one-hour time limit, you are given a DNF.  If you complete a "yard" in less than an hour, you can do whatever you want with the extra time before you attempt to complete another "yard" at the top of the immediately following hour.  You can attempt to complete as many "yards" as you like.  To win, a runner must complete at least one more "yard" more than all other runners.  There is only one winner.

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