Get to Know Your Running Clubs - Health & Performance

Get to Know Your Running Clubs - Health & Performance

In this edition of Get To Know Your Running Clubs we spoke with Sean Delanghe, head coach of Health & Performance and a chiropractor addicted to the science of training, injuries and performance.

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Hi, Sean! Tell us a bit about your club history, how long has the club been around?

The club was established in 2011. At the time, I had just graduated from chiropractic school, and was looking for a group to train with. I was looking for a way to contribute to the community and encourage healthy living beyond injury management at my clinic. These two pursuits merged along with my passion for the science of training and athletic performance to produce the early version of H+P! With the help of Coach Gillian Willard, and the growing member base, we have gone from 5 members, 1 sport, and 1 practice/week to well over 160 members, 3+ sports, and up to 10 practices/week.

Tell us a bit about your members! What level of runners do you cater to?

Our members are amazing people. We have all abilities ranging from 15-35 minute 5Kers. One of my favourite things about H+P is that we have a place for runners of all abilities while still implementing high-level training. It's not always easy balancing inclusivity while still pushing the limits with workouts, and it's only made possible by the kind and supportive people in the group.

My favourite example of somebody who has spanned both ends of the spectrum is a member who lost 150lbs and went from a 38 minute 5K to a 38 minute 10K over the course of 2 years! These are the types of things that make all the work associated with the club worth while.

Where/when does your club usually meet/run?

We meet almost every day of the week at various locations. Our full schedule can be found at

Are your group runs mostly casual or more structured workouts?

Mostly structured workouts.

Any cost to be a member/join?

Our membership ranges from $30-60/year.

Any cool routes/ favourite areas to run in your city that you would like to recommend to other runners? Why do you like those?

The Wilmot line on the west end of Waterloo is our favourite place to do our long runs. The road is close to the city, but relatively quiet with brutal rolling hills (including the infamous Horror Hill). Running this route makes it impossible to not get a great workout in!

Do you have any favourite local races? Outside of anything that you're affiliated with of course :)

We love the ENDURrun. It is a stage race that truly is the Tour de France of running. The race tackles mountain stages, time trials, trails and roads spanning 7 stages over 8 days. The 160K distance culminates with a marathon on the final day. Every year we have a few brave souls tackle the event solo, along with a number of relay teams. This year we have 9 teams consisting of 63 athletes ready to do battle with each other!

Anything else that we should know?

One of our favourite club features is our rankings website created by member Sam Lalonde with the help of Coach Gillian Willard. In an era of analytics, this site helps runner gauge their performance and progression while competing with athletes across all distances from within the club. It's a fun, and very detailed way to stay motivated. You can check it out here:

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Published on Jul 11, 2017