Holiday Gift Guide For Runners

Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

Looking for cool things to give to the runners in your life? Do not panic! The RunGuides holiday gift guide is here to help! Everything listed in this guide is something that we either use ourselves, or that our running friends have been recommending to us throughout the season. 

Motivational Gifts

Marathon Maps

What is it: Marathon maps are personalized print series that include a runner's name, time, bib number, and details about the race and the race course. They're created by the Boston-based design studio JHill Design and are available for pretty much any race!

Who to buy it for: The runner who just completed that big goal race they've been training all year for.

Price: From $13
Where to Buy:

Believe Training Journal

What is it: The Believe Training journals are a series of training journals specifically designed to help runners physically log and make sense of their training, to help them stay motivated, and reflect on the purpose of what they're doing. The journals were created by professional runners Roisin McGettigan-Dumas and Lauren Fleshman, who modelled them after tool that they use in their every day training. 

Who to buy it for: That friend of yours who has just started their next epic training build. 

Price: From $17.95
Where to Buy:

Recovery Tools

The Stick

What is it: Just like it sounds... it's a stick! The stick is a simple and effective portable muscle roller that can be used for warmup and recovery. 

Who to buy it for: The always travelling destination runner in your life.

Price: $20 - $55
Where to Buy: USA (, Canada (

Foam Roller

What is it: The "do it yourself" home massage tool.

Who to buy it for: Everyone!! Our foam roller is by far one of our most highly prized and most used recovery items. If the runner in your life doesn't have one get on it. No need to go too fancy with these, a simple foam tube will be just as effective as most top branded rollers.

Price: $18 - $30
Where to Buy: USA (, Canada (

Lacrosse Balls

What is it: Lacrosse balls are cheap, easy to find, and incredibly effective recovery tools! Many companies sell specially labelled "myofascial release" balls, go with a standard lacrosse ball. It's the same thing, but will be half the price. 

Who to buy it for: Anyone who says "tennis balls are okay but I just can't get the right pressure."

Price: $5 - $10
Where to Buy: USA (, Canada (

Running Gear & Accessories

Garmin Fenix 5 

What is it: The ultimate performance accessory. The Fenix 5 will track every performance metric you can possibly think of from elevation over time to how efficient you are at making your post run smoothie. If you want to full details on what this thing is capable of we would suggest checking out DC Rainmaker's full in depth review here 

Who to buy it for: The person who keeps delaying the start time of your run by 10 minutes because they're "waiting for satellites...."

Price: USD $649  CDN $799
Where to Buy: USA (, Canada (

Timex Watch 

What is it: It's a watch!

Who to buy it for: For the runner that just wants to time themselves and doesn't need a $900.00 watch that mixes margaritas while they run.

Price: $15 - $30
Where to Buy: USA (, Canada (

Brooks PureFlow 6 

What is it: A lightweight shoe guaranteed to shave a few seconds off your next race. With a 4mm drop and a weight of 7.5 oz the PureFlow 6 sneaks into the minimalist shoe category, but is still durable enough to be used for regular training.

Who to buy it for: This is a bit more of an intermediate/advanced shoe so save it for someone who is putting in regular miles, they'll get the most benefit.

Price: $129
Where to Buy:

Salomon Advance Skin


What is it: A lightweight, comfortable running vest with room for, and easy access to all of your food, hydration, and gear. One of our staff members purchased it to use on some trail races this past summer and won't stop talking about how awesome it is. This vest comes in two sizes (5 Set and 12 Set) depending on how much water you want to carry, we've found that the 5 Set has more than enough room for most people.

Who to buy it for: Anyone who runs trails.

Price: Starting at $159
Where to Buy: USA (, Canada (

BUFF Headwear

What is it: BUFFs are multifunctional tubular pieces of headwear made in Spain. We like to refer to them as "that cool scarf/neck warmer/headband/balaclava/beanie/sun guard/face mask/hood/hariband/scrunchie thing." They come in a variety of different materials (microfibre, merino wool, polar fleece) and designs and are made for all seasons in mind.

Who to buy it for: Runners who keep coming home with a semi frostbitten face, or sunburned heads.

Price: From $25
Where to Buy: USA (, Canada (

Petzl TIKKA Headlamp

What is it: A lightweight, easy to use headlamp that has a super long battery time (around 120 hours) and an option to integrate with Petzl's CORE rechargeable battery. 

Who to buy it for: Winter runners! When it gets dark at 4:30pm you best believe that you'll need some nighttime illumination!

Price: $25
Where to Buy: USA (, Canada (

Body Glide

What is it: Body glide (aka magic anti-chafing tubes) are tiny personal sticks of that have been making running a lot more comfortable.

Who to buy it for: There aren't many runners who won't appreciate this. Buy it like you would apply it... liberally.  

Price: $8
Where to Buy: USA (, Canada (

Food & Nutrition

SaltStick Electolyte Capsules

What is it: SaltStick electrolyte salt capsules are meant to help stop cramping by providing a balance of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. We use these on all of our long runs.

Who to buy it for: Anyone planning a long run in the heat, or the person in your life that keeps spending too much time in cramp city.

Price: $29 for a bottle of 100
Where to Buy: USA (, Canada (


What is it: A more efficient gel. Each TORQ gel provides 30 grams of multiple-transportable carbohydrates, which is a significantly greater concentration than many brands on the market today. More importantly, they come in a number of more mellow flavours that still go down easy deep into your long run.

Who to buy it for: That person who would rather bonk than suck back another gel that they don't like.

Price: $2.50 - $4 per gel
Where to Buy: USA (TORQ USA), Canada (TORQ Canada)


What is it: Tailwind is a powder that mixes with water to meet all your calorie, hydration, and electrolyte needs, without upsetting your stomach or making your taste buds revolt. Just toss it in a bottle or hydration pack, shake, and GO!

Who to buy it for: Your ultra running friend who won't stop telling you about all of the fun stomach problems they kept encountering 5 hours into their race earlier this year.

Price: From $25
Where to Buy: USA (, Canada (

Real Mushrooms 

What is it: Real Mushrooms are bulk organic mushroom extract powders made from 100% mushrooms. No fillers. No grain. Just pure mushrooms. We got onto these guys after listening to a talk about medicinal mushrooms on the Ben Greenfield podcast (click here to listen). The Real Mushrooms 5 Defenders is a mix of Chaga, Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, and Turkey Tail extract powders.

Who to buy it for: The runner in your life that keeps getting a cold after their long runs.

Price: From $35
Where to Buy: USA (, Canada (


What is it: The most glorious substance known to humankind. The ultimate post race week recovery fuel. Can probably be used as currency in many situations.

Who to buy it for: The people that you hold most dear to you in your life. Also buy one for yourself, you deserve it.

Price: $5
Where to Buy: The grocery store.

Published on Nov 08, 2017