Coupons for Runners

Giving gifts to runners can be a bit tricky, so we've gone ahead and created seven coupons that you can give as gifts to runners in your life!

These things make pretty good birthday/holiday/anniversary/post-race celebration/just because gifts and we want you to be able to use them, so we've made them available for download.

There's a link at the bottom of this page where you can download the high resolution files, then print them off yourself and give them to runners that you know.

If you do print them let us know on instagram @runguides

Now, on to the coupons.... 

One Hour of Captivated Listening

Runner Coupon

The perfect gift for any runner that has just finished a big race, or massive training week. Heck, they may even want to cash this one in after an especially epic run so that you can Stravsturbate with them for an hour.

Free Online Validation

Runner Coupon

Don't you hate it when you spend all week crushing runs and NO ONE NOTICES?!?! Redeeming this coupon will make sure that you end up with not only the validation that you need, but the validation that you deserve!

Free Race Photos

Runner Coupon

The perfect gift to give to anyone sick of paying $90 to remove the watermarks on the epic photo of them looking down/stopping their watch as they step over the finish line.

Full Day of Ultra Babysitting

Runner Coupon

Want to test drive what it's like to have a child? Give one of your friends this coupon and sign up to pace them at an ultra! You'll have a front row seat into their transformation from fully functioning adult into an overtired 3 year old that keeps almost falling over, and won't eat their damn applesauce.

Free Ego Boost

Runner Coupon

The coupon that no runner admits that they want, but every runner secretly wishes that they had! 

Personal Aid Station

Runner Coupon

If you ever want to gain the love, respect, admiration of a runner (or simply want them to feel indebted to you forever) meet them in the middle of a long run with a waterbottle and some snacks. Or just give them this coupon and watch them tear up knowing that they won't have to carry anything with them for once.

Gear Check Porter

Runner Coupon

Starting chutes; the part of the race where runners nervously stand around making weird small talk with strangers, and second guess their race strategy/nutrition plans before wildely hurling any outer extra layers into the spectator void. Gifting this coupon will help your runner keep that $120 technical long sleeve for at least one more weekend.

Download The Coupons

Click on the download link below this image to download a .zip file containing high resolution .jpg files of all seven coupons for you to print off!

If you do print these off we would love to see them! Tag or message us on instagram @runguides

Coupons for Runners

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Published on Jun 02, 2020