Types of People You'll Dodge on Your Run

Running in the city? Prepare yourself for all human related hazards with the RunGuides Guide to evasion. ⁠⠀
This guide lists six of the most common hazard profiles along with standard evasion patterns for you to print off and reference on your next run!⁠⠀

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The Cyborg⁠

Slow moving, yet unresponsive. The cyborg is prone to unpredictable late movements. Be ready to engage a last second adjustment/spin move as you approach!⁠

The New Parent⁠⁠⠀⁠

Unable to adjust their course easily, and probably have a lot more s@#t to deal with than you do. Go wide early and let them have a couple sips of coffee in peace.⁠⁠⠀


The Person You Know⁠

Don't stop running!! Consider a short courtesy loop back where you make frantic hand gestures and say things like "Hiiii!! Gotta go! In the middle of a hard session!"⁠

Other Runners⠀⁠

Usually pretty straightforward. Unless you are running close to the same speed, then you must enter into a 500 meter forced interval in order to avoid running alongside each other for an awkward amount of time.⁠

The Person Who Goes Left⁠

Easily spooked, and unpredictable, they may be confused, or your mid-run porno breathing may have made "on your left" sound like "go left!" Keeping your cool in the panic zone and executing an advanced level last second side step is the key to avoiding this hazard. 


Small Dog/Small Child Combo⁠

Hurdling is always an option. Good luck....




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Published on Oct 27, 2020
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