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In this edition of Get To Know Your Running Clubs we spoke with Brad Knutson, co-organizer of the Twin Cities running club -  Run Beer Repeat. Brad is a proud marathoner, craft beer drinker, traveler and run leader of the social and proudly self acclaimed "craft beer club with a running problem". The group frequently runs from craft beer locations (breweries and bars) in and around the Twin Cities.

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Run Beer Repeat

Hi Brad! Tell us a bit about your club history!

The group began running in 2014 which means we've been running and drinking around the Twin Cities for 4+ years with no sign of stopping! We're a social running club promoting the healthy consumption of craft beer and a healthy lifestyle.

Tell us a bit about your membership? What level of runners do you cater to?

Our members range from couch-to-5kers all the way up to 100 mile ultramarathoners and everyone in between. We have sub-20 5kers and 50-state marathoners. We have walkers and former collegiate athletes. We're all over the place, but we all have one thing in common - we love running and we love enjoying local craft beer. We are not competitive. Some of our members may be, and that’s okay, but anyone at any running level is welcome.

Where/when does your club usually meet/run?

Our runs are mostly casual. They are every first and third Thursday of the month at 6:30pm. We usually begin our runs and meet at craft beer locations (breweries and bars) all over the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. “Good BEER, Good People, Good for You!” is our club motto. We like to promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating, and we like to promote craft breweries while we're at it.

Any cost to be a member/join?

There is no cost to join. Just show up! Runs are posted to our Facebook page. Or if you want run details delivered to your inbox? You can sign up for our email list found on the Website

Any cool routes/favourite areas to run in your city that you would like to recommend to other runners? 

Some of our favorite runs start in downtown Minneapolis and continue along the river or across the Stone Arch Bridge. You get a great mix of city running and beautiful open running along the river.

Run Beer Repeat Team

Do you have any favourite local races? Outside of anything that you're affiliated with of course :)

We love the Twin Cities Marathon! Many of our members have run the race, and our club always sets up a beer stop at some point along the marathon course. We love the race, and we love spectating and cheering on our friends!

Anything else that we should know?

Run Beer Repeat is laid back and casual, we welcome all paces and all abilities. Just show up!

Thanks for chatting with us, Brad! Want to learn more?

Want to connect with Run, Beer, Repeat? Or just learn a bit more about them? Check out their information below:

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Published on Jun 06, 2018
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