A Guide to Vancouver Running Clubs & Crews

Can’t get yourself out of the door for a run without an army of friends for moral support? The Vancouver running community is legendary, and lucky for you, there’s a group to run with almost every day of the week, so there’s no excuse not to crush your next running goal. Live in Squamish or Whistler? Never fear, there are run groups there too!

Greater Vancouver Running Clubs & Crews

Abbotsford Trail Running Club

Abbostford Trail Running club

The details: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 6pm @ Various locations

Bit about them: There are tons of awesome trails in the Abbotsford area, and this fun, inclusive group will help you explore them all with their 3 weekly runs. Prepare for a leisurely pace and a climb or two, plus they do women-only runs with a local running store too. 

Get more info: Instagram | Facebook

Club Fat Ass

club fat ass vancouver

The details: Various dates and locations

Bit about them: Like races but hate racing, and really just want to have fun with your friends? Join one of the Club Fat Ass events to experience a different kind of running race. From a 50k on New Years Day (followed by a dip in the ocean) to a 100k jaunt along the Baden Powell trail (and back again), it's not for the faint hearted, but there's guaranteed to be a great group of people ready to cheer you on. 

Get more info: Facebook 

East Van Run Crew (EVRC)

East Van Run Crew - evrc

The details: Monday, 6:30pm @ various breweries in East Van (see Instagram for the latest info)

Bit about them: If you like beer and fun times, join this crew for a social run to shake out the Monday blues. Starting from a different brewery each week, the emphasis is on a fun run with friends and enjoying a drink after. Everyone is welcome and there are normally a couple of distances to choose from.

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Forever Young Club

The details: Monday & Wednesday, 8:30am @ various locations in Richmond

Bit about them: Whatever your age or ability there will be someone to get out there with in this group. Their runs typically last an hour, with a focus on getting moving at any pace, rather than covering a distance, making it super accessible to beginners. Join them for their annual 8k race too - a chance to put your group training to the test. 

Find out more about the club and the run on the Forever Young 8k website 

FitFirst Footwear

The details: Sunday, 9.00am @ FitFirst Burnaby

Bit about them: Keeping you honest on a Sunday morning since 2013, this group are always there to help you train for your next race. With a focus on local 10ks, half and full marathons, they ask runners for a $2 to attend their runs, which goes back to helping build the local community.

Get more info: Facebook | Website


Fraser Street Run Crew (FSRC)

Fraser Street Run crew

The details: Friday, 7:00pm @ 1008 E20th Avenue

Bit about them: Prefer to hit the pavements rather than the bar on a Friday night? Us too. One of the original Vancouver run crews, these guys know how to have a good time AND race hard. Their Feel Good Friday runs are open to everyone for a 5 or 10k social run, or hit them up on a Tuesday at South Memorial track for an interval workout. Look out for their Wednesday night climbs at Grouse throughout the summer too!

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Forerunners run club

The details: Various days and times, Kitsilano, Main Street, and North Vancouver

Bit about them: Forerunners operates three speciality running stores in Vancouver. They run a multitude of clinics and group runs, ranging from structured clinics that build up to specific races, to casual pancake runs. 

Get more info: Website | Instagram | Facebook 

Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club

Vancouver orienteering club

The details: Wednesday, 6:30pm @ various parks throughout the city

Bit about them: Whether you're hoping to reignite some of your navigation skills, or prepping for a highly technical race (Barkely training anyone?), the GVOC is a good mix of running and simple navigation. Annual membership gets you access to their weekly events for free, then pay a little extra to attend the monthly timed weekend events. 

Get more info: Website | Instagram | Facebook 

Hustle For Hops

hustle for hops

The details: Wednesday, 5:30pm @ Yellow Dog Brewing, Port Moody

Bit about them: Combine road running with some easy, local trails, follow it up with a beer and you’ve got the recipe for the perfect Wednesday night. A run crew with its own brewery is about as good as it gets in our opinion.

Get more info: Instagram 

Ice Cream & Donut Run Club

Ice cream and donut run club

The details: Once monthly during the winter and spring on Saturdays at 2:00 PM; alternating Tuesdays and Fridays at 7:00 PM during the summer.

Bit about them: The club meets and ends at a different ice cream or donut shop, goes for a run and then reconvenes at the shop to try the sweet treats. Two lead routes to choose from--a more casual 5k and a slightly speedier 8k. Efforts are always made to have vegan and/or gluten free options. Runs are primarily in Vancouver, but there are occasional trips to the suburbs.

Get more info: Instagram | Facebook

LadySport Run Club

Ladysport run club

The details: Monday, 6:00pm @ LadySport (3545 West 4th Avenue)

Bit about them: As the name suggests, this store and run club is tailored exclusively to women. Join them for one of their walk and run clinics, building to a 10k distance. Alongside weekly coached runs, you'll have access to store discounts and a host of guest speakers too. 

Get more info: Website | Instagram | Facebook 

LaPower Run Club

lapower run club

The details: Various days, times and locations 

Bit about them: Founded in 2014, this group was set up in the Chinese running community in Vancouver, and now has over 600 members. With runners spanning everything from beginners to serial marathoners, and runs taking place across the Lower Mainland every week, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved, whatever you're looking to run. 

Get more info: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Lions Gate Road Runners

The details: Thursday, 6.00pm @ Point Grey Secondary School track

Bit about them: Join their weekly track workouts, which focus on building speed and strength for longer distance running. Membership is open to all ability levels, and anyone is able to register for one of their 3 annual races.

Get more info: Website | Facebook | Instagram

lululemon Run Clubs

lululemon vancouver running clubs

The details: Various days, times and locations throughout Vancouver

Bit about them: Looking for a friendly group to log some neighbourhood miles with? Look no further than your local lululemon store. All runners are welcome, and there’s always a great crowd of community minded folk to run with.

Head to the store run club pages for the details - Park Royal | Oakridge | Richmond Centre 

Get more info: Facebook | Strava

MEC Langley Run Club

The details: Monday, 6.00pm @ MEC Langley

Bit about them: A weekly social run covering 5-8km, you can join this free run group for a casual jaunt around the local neighbourhood, with the occasional trail run thrown in for fun.

Get more info: Strava


mile2marathon vancouver

The details: Wednesday, 6:30pm/Saturday, 8:15am @ Point Grey Secondary School Track/Stanley Park/Jericho Beach

Bit about them: Want to get fast and have fun? With the help of some top-notch coaching, M2M help runners bring out the best in their training with twice-weekly interval workouts. For a small drop-in fee you can go as regularly as you like, and with pace groups for everyone, you’re guaranteed to get a great workout in.

Get more info: Facebook | Instagram | Website

North Burnaby Runners

north burnaby runners

The details: Wednesday, 6:30pm @ Dageraad Brewing (check their Instagram page for confirmation)

Bit about them: Join these friendly folks for a social-pace 5-8km on a Wednesday night, followed by a beer (and sometimes sushi too) to ease into the rest of your week.

Get more info: Instagram | Facebook

North Shore Lions Athletic Club

north shore lions run crew

The details: Tuesday & Thursday, 6:30pm/Sunday morning @ various North Shore locations

Bit about them: Want to get in shape for your next half or full marathon goal? These guys will help you get there with a range of training options from one to three runs and workouts each week. With pace groups for a wide range of times covered, and a post race celebration included in your fee, there's plenty of motivation to get you through your long runs. 

Get more info: Website | Facebook

Oak Street Runners

The details: Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday @ Various times, from Rackets & Runners

Bit about them: Choose between social runs or a clinic to work towards your next race - this group have options for everyone. Often finishing up at a local cafe or pub, there’s a fun community vibe, and pacers with each group means no one gets left behind.

Get more info: Facebook | Website


Pacific Road Runners

The details: Tuesday & Thursday, 5.55pm @ False Creek Community Centre

Bit about them: Get in some fun seawall loops with the PRR runs twice a week, and join them for one of their many social events throughout the year. Newcomers should start out at one of the Thursday runs, and expect a thorough warm-up and run briefing before getting started.

Get more info: Website | Facebook

Peninsula Runners

The details: Various times & locations @ both PenRun stores (White Rock & Langley)

Bit about them: Head down to their White Rock or Langley store and join one of their training clinics, or free weekly social runs. With options for every pace and distance, you’re sure to find some new running friends to crush some miles with.

Get more info: Website 


Queen's Park Running Club

queens park running club

The details: Tuesday & Thursday, 7.00pm/Sunday, 8am @ Queen's Park, New Westminster

Bit about them: This social group takes in the parks and rivers of New West on their 3 weekly runs. Anyone is welcome, regardless of pace, and they're always keen to help new runners feel included. Sunday runs often feature a post-run coffee, which we all know is the only reason anyone runs on a Sunday morning. 

Get more info: Website | Facebook

The Run Inn

The details: Various days and times @ The Run Inn Delta & Kerrisdale

Bit about them: Fun and supportive clinics for every distance and ability, The Run Inn clinics are a great option for beginners and those looking to improve. With shop discounts and speaker evenings included, you're motivation will be sky high in no time. 

Get more info: Store websites Delta | Kerrisdale or InstagramFacebook

Running Room

The details: Various days and times @ all Running Room locations

Bit about them: Their infamous half and full marathon clinics have got many a successful runner to the finish line, thanks to their tried and test '10+1' method, and motivating run leaders. Sign up for one of the clinics to focus on your next goal race, or join their free weekly social runs to get yourself out the door even when you're not training. 

Get more info: Running Room Website


runvan run club

The details: Thursday, 6:30am @ Fairmont Waterfront Hotel and special runs at various times

Bit about them: The people that bring you some of Vancouver's biggest and best races each year also have a casual run club, open to anyone who likes an early morning jog along the seawall. Lead by RUNVAN ambassadors, each week is a 6-8km run and any pace is welcome. 

Get more info: Facebook 


run distrikt

The details: Wednesday, 6:30pm @ Rexford the Barbershop

Bit about them: One of the newest run crews in Vancouver, this small but mighty group take North Vancouver by storm with a social run around the Lonsdale area, starting and finishing in a local barbershop.

Get more info: Instagram | Strava

Salomon Vancouver Trail Lab

The details: Saturday, 8.00am @ various locations

Bit about them: Looking to get better acquainted with the North Shore trails, and push yourself while doing it? This group will help you crush some technical terrain and make sure you have fun at the same time. Expect various paces, but come prepared for technical trails.

Get more info: Facebook | Strava


Striderz Sports Club

The details: Thursdays at 6:30PM and Sundays at 8:30AM from the Creekside Community Centre, Olympic Village.

Bit about them: Striderz is a diverse, social and friendly run club where everyone is welcome to join regardless of their run level. Group warm-ups and stretching are crucial parts of every run and not to be skipped. In addition, the club offers different training programs and clinics to help you prepare and achieve your race goals.

Get more info: Website | Facebook | Instagram


Thunderbirds Track Club

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: Whether you’re just starting your High School running career, or looking to improve your running at a Masters level, there are training options available with Thunderbirds. While competitive in a variety of distances, don’t let that put you off - finding the joy in running is all part of the training process too.

Get more info: Website

The Vancouver Running & Jogging Club

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: More than just another run club, this group aims to connect runners with other runners and group runs throughout the city. Create your own run event or join someone else’s, the aim is to get out there with others as much as possible!

Get more info: MeetUp

Vancouver Frontrunners

The details: Wednesday, 6.30pm @ Roundhouse Community Centre/Saturday, 9.00am @ Brockton Oval Clubhouse

Bit about them: Providing a safe and inclusive space for the LBGTQ2+ (and friends’) community, join Vancouver Frontrunners for one of their twice weekly social runs. They’ll match new runners with existing members, and there are various paces and distances available, as well as a walking option for the non-runners.

Get more info: Website

VRC Flight Crew

Vancouver running company Flight Crew

The details: Thursday, 6:15pm @ Vancouver Running Co. (1886 W.1st Ave)

Bit about them: From a fast and fun 10k group, to a mellow 5k, this crew offers much more than just a normal Thursday night run. With regular events, cool collaborations, and monthly pizza socials, you’re sure to find something to keep you going back each week.

Get more info: Website | Facebook | Instagram

VFAC (Vancouver Falcons Athletic Club)

Vancouver falcons athletic club - VFAC

The details: Thursday, 6:30pm/Saturday, 9:30am @ Stanley Park/Point Grey Secondary School

Bit about them: You’ll see their logo emblazoned on the chest of many a podium finisher at local races! If you’re looking for structured training with a dedicated group, you’ll find it with VFAC. Sign up for their coaching program or pay the drop-in fee, and prepare to get fast. 

Get more info: Website | Facebook | Instagram

West Van Run

West Van Run crew

The details: Saturday, 9:30am @ Cafe Artigiano Park Royal 5k/10k

Bit about them: Want to get your weekend started on the right foot? West Van Run offer a 5k and a 10k social run every week, followed by coffee. The group also puts on popular 5k and 10k races throughout the year if your competitive sides starts to come through...

Get more info: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Sunshine Coast (Gibsons/Sechelt) Running Clubs

PaceSetter Athletic Club

PaceSetter Athletic Club

The details: Different days all year long, get the most up to date info at www.pacesetterathletic.club/train.html

Bit about them: PaceSetter Athletics Club is a BC Athletics affiliated club located on the Sunshine Coast of BC. They welcome runners of all ages and abilities, from Port Mellon to Egmont, and Saltery Bay to Lund. 

The goals of the club are to provide a group training environment with regular weekly runs and workouts; to have social get-togethers; to travel to off-coast races together; and to host a number of local races on the Sunshine Coast.

Get more info: Website | Facebook

Squamish Running Clubs

Capra Run Club

The details: Tuesday, 9.30am/Thursday, 6.15pm (Summer only)/Saturday, 8am & 9am @ Capra (4-40437 Tantalus Road)

Bit about them: If you love living that Squamish outdoor life but need an awesome group to keep you motivated, swing by the Capra Run Club for a mix of fun times on the trails and intervals (Tuesdays) to keep you honest. With regular ‘fun’ challenges (think vertical gains and running every day for a month) to spark some run community spirit and keep the motivation high, this club is a great way to meet other Squamish locals too.

Get More Info: Website

Sound Runner Run Group

The details: Various days/times @ Sound Runner (1319 Pemberton Avenue, Squamish)

Why you should run with them: Sound Runner is a long time Squamish institution, and their casual club offers everything from intervals on a Sunday, to trail adventures through the summer, to social runs followed by beers. Check their Facebook page for more info, and details of their next run.

Get More Info: Facebook

Whistler Running Clubs

We Run Whistler

The details: Every Tuesday, year round, 5:55pm. Location changes weekly; visit www.werunwhistler.com for more details

Bit about them: We Run Whistler is a weekly community run club based in Whistler, BC that offers different run options, with run leaders guiding the way for each. By nature the group is a trail running group that covers a variety differnet terrain. Pace tends to be a "conversational pace" but sometimes they throw in hill sprints or tougher routes to challenge runners to step outside of their comfort zones.

Given that Whistler is in a valley, expect some vertical, but we can guarantee it is always worth the effort. All runners, visitors and locals a-like, are welcome to "drop in", all they ask is that you are capable of running 5km.

Get More Info: Facebook | Instagram

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