A Guide to Toronto Running Clubs & Crews

New to running in Toronto? We get it, there are so many run club and crews out there it can be tough to know where to start. Check out our extensive guide to all the clubs and crews in the GTA, then get out there and start your running journey!

Toronto Running Clubs & Crews 

Alpha’s Running

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: Founded in 2018 to open up training options in the Markham area, this coaching group will help you train for your next running goal. Training programs are based around local races, and mostly follow the structure and principles of the Hansons Method, and you’ll have at least one in-person coaching session per week.

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The details: Sunday, 9.00am @ InsideOut Studio

Bit about them: A program from InsideOut Studio, Begin2Run is a community initiative focused on getting you out for a casual 5k run or walk. No one is left behind, and this free weekly run will have you confident in the distance in no time.

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BlackToe Running

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: One of Toronto’s best running stores, their knowledgeable staff will take you out for a spin rain or shine. With both coached groups and free drop in runs, there are options for all your running needs, and there are often events with brands or alongside local races.

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Blue Devils Athletic Club

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: Whether you're 6 or 60, training for a 100m sprint, cross country race or a marathon, they can tailor training to your needs. There are workouts available to all members, and you’ll be grouped with similar athletes to ensure you get the most out of your session.

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Burlington Runners Club

The details: Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday @ various times & locations

Bit about them: With options for social runs and structured workouts throughout the week, this group of local runners will help you train for your next race while having fun at the same time. They’re always involved in local races, so you’re guaranteed to have an cheer squad on hand no matter which race you choose.

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Burly Trail Runners

The details: Tuesday, Thursday @ various times & locations

Bit about them: From complete beginners to outright winners, every kind of trail runner is welcome to join the ‘Burlies’ on their twice weekly runs in the Hamilton and Burlington area. Regular weekend field trips allow for longer runs on a variety of terrains, and they regularly take part in local trail races as a group.

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Castle Runners Toronto

The details: Tuesday, 6.30pm/Thursday, 6.30am @ Casa Loma

Bit about them: Join this group for one of their twice weekly fun and social runs through downtown Toronto. Most weeks have 4k and 6k options, and there are often weekend run and brunch events for a chance to get to know the group.

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Central Toronto Athletic Club

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: With a focus on supporting and developing younger athletes who then progress through to the clubs High School and Collegiate competitive programs. Middle distance track and cross country is their specialty, with regular supportive coaching.

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Frontrunners Toronto

The details: Tuesday, 6.15pm/Thursday, 6.15pm/Saturday 9.15am @ Rosedale Ravine & Moore Park Ravine

Bit about them: A chapter of the International Forerunners organisation, the Toronto group create a friendly space for LBBTTTIQQ2SA runners and friends of all abilities. There are three chances each week to join these guys on their social runs through the ravines - weekend routes have various distance options, while the weekdays are normally a 10k route.

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Guelph Victors

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: No matter your age or race times, you’re welcome to train with this socially competitive group. Their workouts focus on building speed and strength, and they’re a perfect match if you’ve run a few races but are looking to take things to the next level.

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Health & Performance

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: Build on the belief that training smarter will lead you to a much higher level of health and fitness, these professional coaches will work you hard to help you get to reach your goals. Will a variety of run, swim and bike workouts, you’ll benefit from cross-training guidance alongside your run coaching.

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High Park Rogue Runners

The details: Wednesday & Friday, 6.30pm/Sunday, 8.30am @ High Park gates

Bit about them: The group started built on the idea that runners should help other runners reach their goals, so they started a group workout to push each other to be the best they can be. Now they have two workouts a week, plus a Sunday long run, mostly focussing on the half or full marathon distance.

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Longboat Road Runners

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: Named after famous indigenous distance runner Tom Longboat, and member of the Onondaga nation, where the group now frequently trains. They offer a mix of social runs and workouts, and switch up the terrain between road and trail, working towards the Toronto Island Run and the Sunset Shuffle, both races that the club put on each year.

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MEC Burlington Meet Up

The details: Monday, Thursday, Saturday @ various times & locations

Bit about them: Choose from three weekly runs with a mix of workouts and social runs, plus bonus core sessions after the run. Beginner friendly, but with plenty for more experienced runners to get out of the runs too, they are a great group to start your running career with.

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Night Terrors Run Crew

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: Based out of Trinity Bellwoods Park, this run crew is all about being inclusive of all runners and getting out to run as much as possible. They have 4 runs per week - a mix of social runs and workouts - and they have a mix of runners from beginners to race winners. Check out their monthly trail runs for a change of scene too!

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Nik’s Chick’s

The details: Tuesday, Thursday, 8.00pm/Saturday 8.00am @ corner of Westoak Trails Blvd. and Blackbird Court

Bit about them: Founded by Niki McLaughlin, local runner and personal trainer, Nik’s Chick’s is a free women’s only run group designed to support your running goals. Workouts are drop-in so there’s no pressure of commitment, and runs are very much social paced - a great way to keep yourself accountable throughout the year.

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Pace & Mind

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: Lead by local elite runner Rejean Chiasson, Pace & mind offer ‘tough love’ coaching for those who want to increase their performance on and off the road. They have weekly workouts and long runs, plus they’re a big part of the Toronto run community, so find them representing at all the local races, and hosting their own events.

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Parkdale Road Runners

The details: Tuesday, 7.45pm/Friday, 7.00pm/Saturday (women only), 8.45am @ various locations

Bit about them: One of the OG Toronto run crews, Parkdale Road Runners began with one goal - to be consistent runners. Now the crew meets three times per week, 52 weeks of year, rain or shine. Their free runs welcome most paces, and while some of their runners are competitive, most just show up to get a run in with an awesome crew of friends.

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Portland Runners

The details: Wednesday, 6.30pm/Saturday, 9.00am @ corner of Queen & Portland

Bit about them: Join Portland Runners for a 5-8k social run on a Wednesday, or a long run on Saturday mornings - all paces are welcome. Their runs are a great way to explore downtown Toronto while getting your run in and meeting a great group of runners.

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Run Georgina

The details: Various times & locations

Why you should run with them: Looking for a run buddy in the Georgina area but don’t want to join a formal club? This super flexible group use Facebook to coordinate social runs at any time and location people are looking for. There are no fees or a specific schedule of runs, just runners looking to connect with other runners for a run on the local roads and trails.

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Runners Choice Waterloo

The details: Various days & times @ Runners Choice Waterloo (55 Erb St.)

Bit about them: Join one of Toronto’s best independent running stores for one of their weekly free runs, or sign up for their 10k, half or full marathon clinics. Their main aim is for everyone to have fun running, no matter your goal, so prepare to work hard but have a lot of fun while training with them!

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Running Rats

The details: Tuesday, 6pm @ Downtown Yonge Running Room

Bit about them: Self-proclaimed ‘friendliest running club’ in Toronto, the Running Rats offer a 7, 10 and 13km route every Tuesday. Most of their runs stick to downtown Toronto, and each distance will have a pacer assigned to make sure no one gets lost. Running with them three times gets you automatic (free) membership, so it’s a win-win to run with them!

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The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: RunTOBeer offer a reason to get together for a light workout, followed by a recovery beer or two at a local craft brewery or bar. Helping to position craft beer as part of a healthy lifestyle, they host runs of varying distances (up to 10k) every couple of weeks, and actively engage other local run crews and clubs to join their beer runs.

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The Gazelles

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: The Gazelles aim to build champion performers on and off the track, and coach a variety of athletes from youth to masters. With groups all over Toronto, their performance coaching will help you get the most out of your track and field competitions.

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Toronto Beaches Run Club

The details: Saturday, 8.30am @ Starbucks (opp. Beaches Running Room)

Bit about them: Kickstart your weekend with an hour long social run with the group, and stick around for post-run coffee of course. There are no fees to join this fun and friendly group, they just ask members to volunteer at a local race or two throughout the year to give a little back to the community.

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Toronto Olympic Club

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: In their 50+ year history, the Toronto Olympic Club has produced many outstanding runners, Canadian record holders, National, World and Olympic team members. They are an organization of athletes, coaches, volunteers, and administrators who are passionate about achieving personal excellence in distance running, and welcome runners of all abilities to train with them.

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Toronto Running Club

The details: Wednesday, 6.30pm/Saturdays, 9.00am @ Lawrence Park Health Centre

Bit about them: With foundations in their local community, Toronto Running Club love helping their members improve their own health and wellness, and encourage a lifelong commitment to running. Keep yourself accountable with their twice weekly runs, and join them for weekly socials and at local races - both on the start line and behind the scenes volunteering.

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Toronto Running Room Run Clubs

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: Looking to train for your first race, or just getting started with running? The Running Room clinics will help you reach your goal through a structured training program and a supportive atmosphere.

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Toronto West Athletics

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: Run by professional coaches and parent volunteers, this club hopes one day to produce an Olympic champion. They focus on middle to longer distance races, and while most of their members are youth to University level athletes, they have a Master program in the pipeline which will open up their coaching to a much bigger audience.

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Tribe Toronto

The details: Wednesday, 7.00pm/Saturday 9.00am @ Tribe Studio

Bit about them: One of Toronto’s original run crews, they offer two free social runs per week, as well as a series of free park yoga through the summer months. Wednesdays are a casual 5km, while Saturdays go for 10km and finish up with brunch at a different local cafe each week.

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XSNRG Running Club

The details: Tuesday, 6.30pm @ various locations

Bit about them: XSNRG (short for Excess Energy) meet each week for coached interval sessions open to runners of all abilities. Workouts focus on developing strength, stamina and speed in a supportive and social environment, and will also help you build the fundamentals of warm-up drills, technique, and proper cool-downs.

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York Region Runners Club

The details: Various times & locations

Bit about them: YRRC help young athletes in the area develop their track & field and cross country running skills. If you’re aiming higher, there are coaches to help develop the skills needed to excel in the sport.

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