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In this edition of Get to Know Your Running Clubs we chatted with John Caselli about the Buffalo Chips Running Club.

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Hi John, who are you and tell us a bit about the club's history

I am a long time runner & group member who is now on the board handling PR. The Buffalo Chips Running Club is the Sacramento area’s largest, oldest, and friendliest running club. We were established in 1974.

Nice! what sort of runners typically run with the group? 

It's a club for everyone, all levels and ages are welcome!

 Where/when do you usually meet and run?

We meet at Boy Scouts Of America Headquarters, 251 Commerce Circle, every Tuesday at 5:45 rain or shine for speed work. We meet at locations throughout Sacramento (generally in close proximity to the American River Bike Trail) Saturday and Sunday morning for a long run.

Any cost to be a member/join?

Annual Full Time Student: $25
Annual Individual: $40
Annual Family: $55
Lifetime Individual: $355
Lifetime Family: $455

Are the Buffalo Chips affiliated with any events?

We are affiliated with the The Buffalo Stampede 10-Miler, Susan B. Anthony Women's 5k, Jed Smith Ultra Classic, July 4th 5-Miler & Willow Hills XC Meet.

Any cool routes/ favourite areas to run in your city that you would like to recommend to other runners?

Anywhere along the American River Bike Trail, Lake Natoma, and McKinley Park

Do you personally have any favorite local races? 

The California International Marathon (1st weekend in Dec), Western States 100 (last weekend in June).

Anything else that we should know?

The Buffalo Chips Running Club will give you advice, good humor & camaraderie and is suitable runners of all levels.

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Published on May 23, 2017